For the Community:

How can Dance improve the Community as a whole?

Overcoming Biases

Dance is a universal language! Everyone is welcome to dance. We want our children to be brought up in a community with social diversity and acceptance. The best way to build acceptance to diversity is by bringing everyone together sharing a common ground. Dance can do that for this community by offering a means for everyone to explore different cultures, ways of life, ideas, expressions, and thoughts.

Close Community

Families will come together to watch their children dance and interact together. Laughter, smiles, applause and joy will be shared by everyone as our children come together in a healthy, creative and educational way.

Developing Teamwork

Not only will our children learn the value of teamwork and working together, the entire community will. We will all come together to ensure that our children are receiving the best education, growing up in a healthy environment and reaching towards a common goal of having a wonderful community for everyone who lives here.

Happier Children and Less Crime

Thirteen to seventeen year old juvenile offenders and other disenfranchised youth, took jazz and hip hip classes twice a week for ten weeks. They developed significant gains in confidence, tolerance and persistence after taking the classes. According to “Critical Evidence, How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement.”


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