Sarah’s Story

Sara has dreamed of nothing more than dancing ever since she watched the video of “Barbie of Swan Lake!”

“I want to be a ballerina like Barbie!” she exclaims! “She dances on her toes! I want to do that!”

Sara comes from a low income family. Nancy, Sara’s mom, is a stay at home mom. She takes care of Sara and her younger sister. Sara’s father, Thomas,  works for RTD.

“We just can’t afford to put Sara into a regular dance program. They are just so expensive!” Nancy says. “When I saw the flier at Sara’s school for dance classes, I just got so excited and hoped that I could afford the program!”

Nancy applied for the Dance Exploration, LLC Financial Aid Services. Low-Income families can receive a 30% discount towards their tuition when they qualify. Dance Exploration, LLC could not offer this option to families without support from the community with the Sponsor a Dancer Fund!

The Sponsor a Dancer Fund directly supports the Financial Aid Services which we offer to student’s like Sara, who have a dream to dance but who’s hard working families simply can’t afford it.

“Thank you Dance Exploration for allowing Sara to pursue her dream. We saw her dance as a Ballerina at her graduation performance, and we were thrilled!”

The Dance Exploration, LLC Financial Aid Program has assisted 6 children from low-income families pursue their dancing dreams.

Help other dancers like Sara today!


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