Two Left Feet

Author: Jessica Clayton

We’ve all been there as teachers.

“I want you all to do shuffle stomps with your right foot!”

Step back and watch as all your little tappers gladly complete the movement but with their left foot. So how can we as dance teachers help our little ones with this super duper hard developmental break through of learning their right from their left?

The answer is in props!


Kids Love Stickers!!!

Make it a treat each week to place a new sticker on the dancers’ right shoe. Not only do they get super excited to see what new sticker they will get this week, but it will help them associate their right from their left! Here’s how:

“Let’s all do shuffle steps with our right foot! The right foot has the sticker on it, find your sticker!”

You’ll be amazed at how this little trick instantly helps them recognize their right foot. To shuffle with the left foot is so much easier now, since the left shoe is stickerless!

Jingle Bracelets

Another super fun prop to use are jingle bracelets.

Jingle bracelets have jingle bells attached. These can be placed on the kids wrists, ankles or both! You can make your own custom bracelet for each student, or they are extremely cheap to purchase at a craft store.

How it works:
Tie the bracelet to the child’s right wrist or ankle.

“Let’s make noise with our right side!”

Begin to wiggle your right body parts.

“Oh my gosh! So Noisy! Let’s make noise with our left side!”


“Uh oh…the left side is quiet! How come?”

The kids have so much fun wiggling and making noise with their right side and will get a kick out of being quite on the left especially when you act like a goof and have no idea why it’s happening.

Jingle bells are also super fun when dancing the Hokey Pokey.

Just always remember to use association. The kids won’t learn their left from their right if you never say that the sticker or bells are on their right hand. This technique is used in the hopes to accelerate this developmental learning ability.
Also always put the sticker or jingle bells on the same hand each time. Otherwise it may be more confusing than helpful.


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