Fun Thanksgiving Dance Games!

Author Jessica Clayton,

Gobble Gobble Turkey

Introduce Gobble Gobble Turkey Games! These games are best for younger kids preschool to kindergarten aged, however older children can still participate.

Game 1: In the style of Simon Says

Spread the dancers across the dance floor. Have them listen for “Gobble Gobble Turkey Says!” before doing any dance moves.

This is a great game to test your students’ understanding of terminology. Some suggestions:
Ballet Terms:

Jazz Terms:
Ball change

Hip Hop:
Wiggle your hips
Coffee Grind

Or you can make it more Thanksgiving themed:
Hug a friend
Share your prop
Move like a Turkey

No matter what dance move you shout, be sure that “Gobble Gobble Turkey Says” to do the dance move!

Game 2: In the style of Mother May I
Line all the kids up in a straight line behind a jump rope. They must ask “Gobble Gobble Turkey May I” if they can do a dance move to advance forward.

For example:
“Gobble Gobble Turkey may I do three hops forwards?”

Gobble Gobble Turkey says yes or no. If no they must give the dancer a better option:
“No you may not, but you may do 3 frog hops forwards!”

Before the dancer can do their dance move they must repeat “Gobble Gobble Turkey May I?”
If they don’t, they cannot do their dance move til the next round.
The student who makes it to Gobble Gobble Turkey first should win a prize!

Game 3:
Thanksgiving Dance

Sit the children down on the floor in front of an imaginary table. At the table you can place real treats or imaginary food. Have them all share food with each other. Then when the music plays get up and dance around the table. When the music stops they must come back to the table and share food with someone new. Repeat until everyone has shared with someone new. Don’t want to serve food?, you can also give each child different props (maybe turkey stuffed animals etc) and they must share their props with someone new.

Game 4:
What are you thankful for?

Tell the kids what you are thankful for. Be sure the description is with action verbs for example
“I am thankful for the ability to jump real high!” And then jump around.

Go around the room and ask the kids what they are thankful for.
Help them come up with answers that can be danced to. For example:
“I am thankful for my sister because she hugs me” and then have all the kids hug each other.

Everyone at Dance Exploration wishes you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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