Creating Holiday Magic through Dance

Author: Jessica Clayton

Dance Exploration has a goal to create educational dance experiences at every turn! One of our most exciting and busiest times of year is around the holidays! We want to carry our “Dance to Learn” curriculum year round and make it available to all children! We do this by offering two extremely popular interactive holiday extravaganzas! The Nutcracker Sweet and the Reindeer Hop! This is quick look inside these magical adventures!

Nutcracker Sweet
The Nutcracker Sweet explores the Nutcracker as written by E.T.A Hoffman’s the Nutcracker and the Mouse King! Children will be taken through the adventure with Marie, (also known as Clara), and Drosselmeyer to experience the Nutcracker and his adventures with the Mouse King.

What makes this workshop magical is allowing the children the opportunity to explore this magical adventure first hand! Too many times we’ve all been to the staging of the Nutcracker to watch Clara on her travels with her Prince, and for most of us, wishing we could be part of it all. The Nutcracker Sweet makes this possible!

Children will battle each other as mice and soldiers during the epic battle of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King! Mouse Jumps, marches, kicks, scurries, are just some of the dance moves to be explored!

The most important part of the Nutcracker of course is the Land of the Sweets! Children will experience what Clara did as she entered this magical kingdom! They will learn dances from China, Arabia, Russia, and France! The adventure is topped off with a visit from the Sugar Plum Fairy!

Nutcracker Sweet
Ages 3-7
10:00 am to 11:30
Washington Street Community Center
Enroll Online:

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Reindeer Hop

The Reindeer Hop is for older children in Elementary, Middle and High Schools. This workshop is more so based on Hip Hop and Musical Theater Style dancing rather than that of the Ballet Nutcracker Sweet for the preschoolers. This workshop allows children to get creative with their dancing! A short intro to dance styles and moves that can be used to create their masterpieces kicks off the workshop.

After learning the basics the children are let loose to create their own holiday dance greeting for thier parents when they return! Children are given a fun Holiday song to choose from and are helped and encouraged artistically to create a Holiday Dancer Card that is special, creative and fun! The great thing about the Reindeer Hop is it can be personalized for different holiday beliefs!

Host this workshop at your Retail Establishment
Host this workshop at your school
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