Family Engagement Post: Denver Montclair International School

Week of November 6
Class Name: Creative Dance
School: Denver Montclair International School
Teacher: Miss Jamie

Class Theme: Painting

What Warm Ups did you do?
Circle of friends
Chasse to right and left in circle
Butterfly stretch, stinky feet
Straddle stretch, paint the rainbow
Fingers are spiders and go forward in straddle
The center is a pool of water and they need to take each part of their body and touch the water but quick before the fishes bite
Sleeping mice feet

We learned the basic dance movements for Skips, chugs, slides, zig zags and hops on one foot.

For our “Dance to Learn!” Activity, we created a dance story. The story focused different parts of the body. The Dance Story was about mice that sneak into their aunt’s studio. They use different color paints to paint themselves, the walls, and the floor.
The children learned creativity, self confidence, and had fun!

We started learning the dance Be Our Guest!


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