Family Engagement Post: Ebert Elementary

Week of November 2 and November 9
Class Name: Poms/Cheer
School: Ebert Elementary
Teacher: Miss Jamie

This week’s class theme was Cheerleading.

Warm Ups Included:
Head isolations
Side stretches
Hip isolations
Shoulder isolations
Runners stretch
Butterfly stretch
Straddle stretch- paint the rainbow
Hands are spiders crawling out in front on straddle
Legs in front stretch
Balancing contest in parallel passé
Sleeping feet

We practiced more advanced movements today:
Cartwheels, Leaps, pikes, toe touches
For our “Dance to Learn!” Activity, we played Freeze dance which teaches creativity and body control. Everyone dances until the music stops and then they need to freeze. The children also learned creativity and self confidence by creating their own moves and control by having to freeze on cue.

We are coming along great on our end of session dance routine!


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