Benefits of After School Enrichment Programs

Dance Exploration, LLC offers major benefits to school children as an after school enrichment program! We bring our educational “Dance to Learn!” Curriculum to children in preschools, day cares, elementary schools and middle and high schools!

Our business philosophy is “Every child should have the chance to dance!”

Miss Jackie teaches a child how to do first position "Pizza Feet!"

Miss Jackie teaches a child how to do first position “Pizza Feet!”

Many schools are now cutting budgets for enrichment programs due to the state of our economy! We can understand why they feel the need to make this change, however, enrichment programs offer great benefits to children in schools!

Here are some of the benefits of After School Enrichment Programs such as Dance Exploration, LLC:



  • Not all children learn the same way. Enrichment Programs can help children learn math, science, reading and often times other languages in a fun new way.
  • The best enrichment programs teach the whole child and can take into account different learning styles of the children. The best enrichment programs should be offered to coincide with the syllabus taught in schools as a complimentary program.
  • When scheduling an after school enrichment program, look for those that offer a literacy program, such as Dance Exploration, LLC’s Terpsichore Literacy Program! A Reading readiness program for children will bring huge value to your students and help them with their language development.
  • An enrichment program allows children to think in a more creative way, this can help them with their problem solving skills and allow them to come up with new solutions to common problems.
  • Enrichment programs, such as dance in particular, can help students with confidence! When a step they have been struggling with is mastered, they will have a new found confidence to realize that hard work, perseverance, and pursuing goals is worth it! This can even give children a new motivation and reason to complete high school and graduate!
  • A well rounded enrichment program will also teach children important social skills: working together with others, being a team, solving common disputes among peers. Look for a program that encourages large groups of children to come together and work together.
  • When booking an after school enrichment program, look for a program that actively includes the families in their child’s learning progress. The Dance Exploration Family Engagement Program is an example of a program that actively involves the families in their child’s learning.

These are so many more benefits of having an Enrichment Program such as Dance Exploration at your school.

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