What Do Dance Exploration Teachers Do To Relax?

We love teaching your children– they are imaginative, creative, and just plain delightful. They make our days multiple times a week with their enthusiasm, talent, and funny things that they say!

But occasionally, we need to relax a bit after a long day of teaching! Dance Exploration teachers recently had a team-building experience while learning about how to take care of our skin. We went to a small, holistic spa downtown Denver to bond as teammates. We got facials and tried out different types of masks! Here are some of our shining faces before our masks:


It was a very soothing and relaxing experience, beginning with gently steaming our pores open (with our faces over the above pictured bowls full of steaming chamomile water) and cleansing with beautifully scented cleansers. Then the really fun part arrived…


Did you know chocolate is not only good for the heart, but the skin? Neither did we! We used a chocolate mask on our faces and hands, and it made our skin feel amazing after washing it off!

We left refreshed, relaxed and ready to teach some more adorable little dancers.


Give Your Child the Gift of Beauty!

Did you know dancing kids are healthier and more well-adjusted kids?

Research has proven the benefits of dancing over and over in a child’s development! Not only do dance classes teach discipline and team player skills, but they unlock the hidden gems of expression of your child’s heart. Children learn to express first physically and then later, verbally– and many children hear music and dance far before they are able to express their feelings in words.

Image(one of our ballerina princesses, Ella, learning to leap)

In dance class, they learn cooperation, with others and with their own bodies! Learning new steps helps them realize they can cooperate with their body and express their own ideas through leaping, or twirling. They cooperate with other children as they move with their dancing line, stay in a group to create a dance, and listen to their teacher. Dance also teaches self control, which serves them well when they arrive in their first classroom experience for school!

Image(pointing our toes at Rock a My Baby)

As they learn more and more in dance class, and begin to achieve more difficult dance steps, their self esteem soars and they realize they are capable of doing so much more than they thought possible! As they continue to learn and move their bodies to the music that feed their hearts and souls, you will see an amazing transformation in your child’s social development as well. They will see themselves as someone who can achieve anything they put their minds and bodies to.

Image(“scarf jumping” at Rock a My Baby)

Do you want this for your child? Check out the many locations we visit for one that is convenient for you and your schedule at dancexploration.co and give your child the gift of self discovery, self esteem, and love for the arts!

(**source used: “Dance and Social Development in Preschool Children” by Stacey Chaloux; http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/dance-social-development-preschool-children-5522.html)

Miss Melody Gets Awarded Teacher of the Month– For the 2nd Time in a Row! Congrats!


It takes a special kind of individual to inspire little ones. Miss Melody is one of these people. Not only does she consistently demonstrate responsibility and faithfulness in her job as a role model, but she also brings the best out of her students by being encouraging and inspiring. Your kids love her classes, and it shows. Check out her short interview below, and see the photo evidence of the joy she brings out in her students in one of her Pom classes!

We Asked: How does it feel to be awarded Teacher of the Month for the second time in a row?

Miss Melody: We have great teachers at Dance Exploration, so I feel very honored!


We asked: What is your favorite Dance Exploration class to teach and why?

Miss Melody: I enjoy teaching the Pom class, because you can incorporate so many aspects into the class– dance, tumbling, patterns, and teamwork. Also, it is great for the kids to be able to personalize their cheers with their own school colors or mascot!

We Asked: How do you create unique ‘Dance to Learn!’ activities to keep your students excited and interested in dance class?

Miss Melody: I rely on natural instinct. For me, it is easy to think of activities once I get a feel for the students in the class. Some classes, I can have them do something really cheesy and they have a blast. In other classes, I think, “There is NO WAY they would enjoy the same activity!” So I adapt.


We Asked: Is there a teacher that inspires you– who and why?

Miss Melody: Throughout my dance career, I have had so many teachers, but I think my best inspiration comes from my mom. When she taught, she always made the class fun for her students and yet they learned what was expected of them. I try to model this same concept in my teaching!

Thanks Miss Melody for being such a great teacher.