What Do Dance Exploration Teachers Do To Relax?

We love teaching your children– they are imaginative, creative, and just plain delightful. They make our days multiple times a week with their enthusiasm, talent, and funny things that they say!

But occasionally, we need to relax a bit after a long day of teaching! Dance Exploration teachers recently had a team-building experience while learning about how to take care of our skin. We went to a small, holistic spa downtown Denver to bond as teammates. We got facials and tried out different types of masks! Here are some of our shining faces before our masks:


It was a very soothing and relaxing experience, beginning with gently steaming our pores open (with our faces over the above pictured bowls full of steaming chamomile water) and cleansing with beautifully scented cleansers. Then the really fun part arrived…


Did you know chocolate is not only good for the heart, but the skin? Neither did we! We used a chocolate mask on our faces and hands, and it made our skin feel amazing after washing it off!

We left refreshed, relaxed and ready to teach some more adorable little dancers.


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