Why Do We “Dance to Learn”? Our Inclusion of Terpsichore Literacy Program in Class!

Did you know our preschool programs include so much more than dance instruction?

The Terpsichore Literacy Program, which Dance Exploration LLC uses daily in our classrooms, aims to strengthen your child’s reading and communication skills alongside superior dance instruction. Each class time your child is read a book, often a fairy tale or a fun story book that applies to the day’s dance lesson. Then the book’s theme, characters, and story are used throughout the class.



For example: Maybe the day’s dance class is all about learning how to help others. The teacher might read the fairy tale “Cinderella” to the class as the first activity. Then, they will discuss the characters and themes with their students (“How did the little birds help Cinderella when they saw she was sad?”). After that the dance fun begins.

The teacher might lead the class in a couple dance combinations that allow them to express their creativity through being Cinderella’s helpers (birds, mice, etc). They might “fly” across the room to pick up a blanket that’s fallen off the table, or “scamper” low to the ground like a mouse to help Cinderella sew her dress for the ball!

These activities integrating the Terpsichore Literacy Progarm, all done within one class, helps your child’s language learning skills through the medium of story and active dance! Now that’s a winning combination!