Catch a Magic Fairy

Catch a Magic Fairy

Catch a Magic Fairy is a perfect technique for children in a preschool aged dance class. Children at this age so often need to often be reminded of keeping their hands off of things. How many times have you caught yourself saying any one of the following:

‘Don’t touch the mirror!’

‘Keep your hands to yourself!’

‘Stop hanging on the barre!’


Probably to the point of sounding like a broken record and not to much avail. Plus, saying ‘no don’t touch that’ every class is not allowing the positive ‘Yes’ Environment that is needed in a dance studio to foster and encourage a child’s creativity.

Miss Jessica recently discovered this little trick- Catch a Magic Fairy! How does it work?

When you know children will be by the mirror, barre, or perhaps standing next to their peers have them catch a magic fairy (hands up clasp the fairy in your palms) and put it in their pocket (sit criss-cross applesauce or keep your hands together so the fairy doesn’t fly away). Anytime you see a child touching something or someone they shouldn’t let them know their fairy has escaped and to hurry and catch it again before it flies away!

Let us know how this technique works in your dance class! Do you have a favorite classroom management technique for keeping hands under control? Please share by leaving a comment!


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