Creating Super Hero Camps

This year Dance Exploration is very excited to be creating our very first Super Hero Dance Camps as a part of our wonderful Summer Dance Camp experiences. This camp will be for boys (and girls) ages 3-7. We’ve been having a blast brainstorming our ideas on how to make children become Bat Man, Spider Man and Super Man in the dance studio!


Super Hero Dance Camps

During the brainstorming process we asked questions like:

What qualities do Super Heroes have that humans don’t?

What are common types of Super Hero situations?

A reoccurring theme kept appearing! Super Heroes are most often saving civilians that are trapped in a building! That’s when we came up with the idea to have the kids punch out windows to a burning building to help the fireman put out the fire! Now where were we going to get a burning building?

We have to make one!

We wanted to share with you how we made our building from a box! Feel free to try this idea at your next Super Hero Themed Party! Hope you like it 😀

Make your Own Super Hero Building


What you will need for this project:

  1. Cut Down Box
  2. Box Cutter
  3. Scissors
  4. Silver Wrapping Paper
  5. Tape
  6. Yellow Tissue Paper
  7. Rectangular Stencil
  8. Sharpie


In the picture there are a few additional items that we thought we would need but didn’t! 😀


Part 1: Making the Windows

Step 1: Drawing the Windows

Using your Rectangular Stencil and sharpie. Trace the pattern with the stencil and evenly place your windows down your box. We ended up tracing 16 windows total for our building.

Drawing Your Windows

Step 2: Cut Out Your Windows

Cut out Windows

With your box cutter, begin cutting out the windows along the lines you traced in the previous step. (We stayed a few centimeters within our trace mark.) We cleaned up the edges with scissors.

Clean Edges


Part 2: No Longer a Box- The Transformation

Step 1: Measuring the Paper

Wrap your building in wrapping paper. We chose silver, as we thought it’s the most like a building. First we measured our box to determine the amount of wrapping paper. We were lucky enough that we only needed one sheet of wrapping paper.


Step 2: The Flip

Once measured, we flipped the box and paper so the outside of the box was now lying face down.


Step 3: Making Cuts

We cut the paper to match the folds of the box to prevent tearing when reassembling.


Step 4: Wrapping

We then folded and taped the wrapping paper along all the edges of our box.



Part 3: Open the Windows!

We then were ready to cut out our windows!

Step 1: Poke a Hole

We poked a hole in the middle of each window with our box cutter.


Step 2: Cut Out

We then cut out the middle portion of wrapping paper keeping about 1″ of the paper still exposed.

Step 4: Corner to Corner

We cut the remaining paper to the corners of the window.

Corner 2 Corner

Step 5: Folding the Edges

We then taped the edges of all our windows creating a nice, clean line.


Taped Windows



Part 4: Breakable Window Panes

Now that our windows were made, we needed to make our breakable window panes.

Step 1: Measuring the Tissue Paper

Lay a piece of Yellow Tissue paper across your exposed windows.


Step 2: Cutting the Panes

Cut the tissue vertically and horizontally along the window ledges.



Step 3: Tape Down

Tape each window edge separately.

tape edges

Part 5: Erecting the Building

Finally our building came to life when we taped it from the inside. We left the top of the building open so we could replace tissue as needed.


We are now going to test our building at our upcoming Dance Teacher Training! If all goes well, we will be adding some additional components before our Super Hero Campers get to play with it!

For more on our upcoming Super Hero Camps, or to enroll, visit:

Did you try this project? How did the building work at your event?


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