Miss Alyssa: Teacher of the Month- April

At Dance Exploration, we believe in recognizing the amazing dedication and hard work of our staff members. Through awarding different teacher of the month awards our Staff has learned the value of hard work, devotion, and dedication to Dance Exploration and our ‘Dance to Learn!’ Curriculum.

Miss Alyssa was recently hired on to join the Dance Exploration at the beginning of 2014. Thus far she as been an amazing asset to our team of Dance Educators. Alyssa has been a devoted dancer and cheerleader for the past 23 years. She has 5 years of professional experience as a dancer for the IFL, NLL, and First Pointe Players Ballet Company. Her dance training and education includes ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, character, modern, contemporary, tap, tumbling, and poms. She is very excited to share her passion for dance with the Dance Exploration, LLC students.

Alyssa tells us how she feels about getting awarded her first Teacher of the Month Award!

How does it feel to be awarded Teacher of the month?

Receiving the award for teacher of the month is a privilege. Similar to the other Dance Exploration instructors, dance is my passion. I love that I can share with others the art that brings me so much joy.


What is your favorite Dance Exploration class to teach and why?

My favorite Dance Exploration class to teach is Pom/Cheer. I like that the class if composed of multiple aspects such as cheers, chants, dance, stunting, and tumbling.


How do you create unique ‘Dance to Learn!’ activities to keep your students excited and interested in Dance class?

In order to create an effective ‘Dance to Learn!’ environment, I oftentimes incorporate props into a dance game. I ensure that all of the activities allow for cognitive growth, by allowing students opportunities to practice skills such as leadership, teamwork, and many others. I also understand as a dance educator that I must stay organized to eliminate wasted time between activities; shortening the transition time between activities has been very effective in keeping the students’ minds stimulated.


What is your favorite classroom management technique?

My favorite classroom management technique is appointing leaders, one or two at a time, to assist. These rotating leaders are given a number of responsibilities from demonstrating the activity to keeping their peers quite. For example, one method used in pom/cheer to keep students’ voices down is  to have the leader(s) wave her pom poms above his/her head when the volume gets too loud. The other students in the room are expected to copy until everyone is waving his or her pomp poms and the volume lowers.


Is there a teacher that inspires you? Who? And Why?

A teacher who inspires me is Miss Stephanie. Before I started teaching through Dance Exploration, I observed one of her classes. I was extremely impressed by how well she could multitask. Miss Stephanie was able to simultaneously teach choreography, give corrections, demonstrate, maintain the classroom, and control the music. Miss Stephanie makes instructing dance look easy, and students truly enjoy her classes.