What is PURPLE?

Dance Exploration has created a new hiring campaign to find the perfect Dance Educators to join our team for the 2014/2015 school year!


P is for Passionate!
We want Educators and Staff Members who are passionate about Dance Exploration and our mission ‘Dance to Learn!’

U is for Uniquely Talented!
We want our Educators to be creative, artistic and unique in their teaching styles and curriculum. They will then help us continue to develop our ‘Dance to Learn!’ Curriculum for years to come!

R is for Respectful!
We want our Educators and Staff Members to respect our students by teaching in a positive “Yes” Environment. Our teachers should know how to respect their peers, school staff and parents. Most importantly, our teachers should respect themselves and be great role models!

P is for Professional!
Our Educators and Staff Members should be organized and reliable individuals with out going personalities and great communication skills!

L is for Love Kids!
We are a youth organization! The first question we ask in all our interviews is, “Why do you love kids?”

E is for Educated!
We are looking for Educators that are looking to continue their knowledge in Dance and Theater Education by completing Dance Exploration Training Courses!

If you feel You Are #PURPLE visit Our Career Page to apply for a Dance Exploration Career! A Career that Sparkles!


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