What is SPARKLE?

Dance Exploration, LLC has quickly grown to become Colorado’s Premier dance and performing arts program for children! We have created a unique management principle called #SPARKLE
Here’s a little about how #SPARKLE works


S is for Systems
Dance Exploration has created a unique system of policies, procedures, training, continued education and staff evaluations to ensure the success of all of our Staff Members!

P is for Pledge
Dance Exploration management pledges to readily available for all Staff Members. To answer questions, solve problems, and lend a helping hand.

A is for Ambitions
Dance Exploration is extremely goal oriented. Therefore we set attainable goals for our staff members and travel along every step of the way.

R is for Regiments
We believe in team work! We have a moto that our Staff isn’t working for us, but rather working with us! Join us in our common goal!

K is for Knowledge
Dance Exploration believes in continued education and training so we can have the best Dance Educators in the industry!

L is for Leadership
We try to create independent leaders in every one of our Staff Members with frequent evaluations and feedback to always foster improvement.

E is for Express
As in Express Yourself! We are an open door to communication! We know two heads are better than one and five heads are better than two!

Do you want to #SPARKLE too?
Apply for a great Dance Exploration Career on our Career Page


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