Summer Camps: By Kids-For Kids in Denver Colorado!

SUMMER CAMPSDance Exploration has always offered a fun variety of classes for our students in our after school program and summer time isn’t much different! For parents, there are always so many choices when it comes to summer programming and picking the right choice for you and your kids! How do you know what is best?

Here are some tips for picking the best summer camp for your family!

Fun for all Ages!

Make sure the programs you enroll your child or children in offers a little bit of something for everyone! Here at Dance Exploration we offer Summer Camps for preschool and elementary aged children alike! This way big brother or sister aren’t left out while baby sister gets to enjoy a magical summer dancing experience! For preschool aged children (ages 3-7), Dance Exploration creates a magical and imagination filled adventure with our Fairy Tale Princess Summer Camps and Super Hero Summer Camps! Complete with dancing, arts, crafts, obstacle courses and more, this three hour long dance adventures keep their imaginations peaked and their bodies moving! At the same time, our Elementary Aged (5+) Hip Hop and Cheerleading Camps allow for a physically challenging and creatively fun camp for older kids to enjoy!

Engaging Curriculum!

Find a program that has been proven to entertain and create lasting memories! Anyone can conduct a Summer Dance Camp, but at Dance Exploration we take it one step further! Take a look for yourself:

Fairy Tale Princess Camps- The Only Princess Camps in Denver where you can meet your own Princess!

FAIRY TALE DANCE CAMPSOnce upon a time, there was a group of dancing princesses. They danced in the morning, made beautiful crafts, twirled and spun in the prettiest dresses around, met other princesses just like them and some princes too! So many adventures they went on each day: they met a fairy Godmother who gave them princess crowns and glass slippers! They cast fairy spells for newborn princesses to protect her from evil. They had snowball fights with a hideous beast. They swam under the sea with the Little Mermaid. They kissed some frogs and built snowmen too! By the end of it all was a little rest and relaxation with a Princess Tea Party! Tea, muffins, cookies and cakes all served by a beautiful real-life princess!  The Princesses all gathered by the Princess Castle to talk about what being a princess is all about! Learn more about our Fairy Tale Princess Summer Camps

Super Hero Camps- Calling all Super Heroes on a Secret Mission to defeat Evil through Dance and Movement!

SUPER HERO CAMPSThe Super Heroes gathered to train in strength, balance and agility exercises to ensure the defeat of the evil villains that lurked to destroy their beloved city! Buildings, kryptonite and atomic threats were no match for the super heroes who jumped, kicked and spun their way to defeating the villains. They created flying disks, capes and other weapons and built tools to help them succeed. When they completed their victories they celebrated with a Super Hero Party! All in a days work! Learn more about our Super Hero Summer Camps

Hip Hop Summer Camps- By Kids – For Kids!

HIP HOP SLIDE SHOWFor boys and girls, Hip Hop Camps will teach children all details of the Urban street styles of Hip Hop dancing from break dancing, popping, locking, and free style. If you’re frequently captivated by the dancers on hit TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew, then Hip Hop Summer Camps are right for you!  What makes our Hip Hop camps unique? Our ‘Dance to Learn!’™ Curriculum allows for dancers to provide input on their learning and creative process! Most dance classes are set up for the instructor to lead the class without input from students, with our Curriculum students’ are allowed to provide input and create in teams or individually. The end of the camps will include a performance for family and friends to witness all that the campers have learned. Learn more about our Hip Hop Summer Camps

Cheerleading Summer Camps- By Kids – For Kids!

CHEER SLIDE SHOWFocused on Team Work, Team Spirit and and Cheering for the Win, Dance Exploration’s Summer Cheerleading Camps are the perfect option for girls and boys who want to learn how to cheer, chant, stunt and  flip like the cheerleaders on their favorite sport teams! What makes our Cheerleading camps unique? Our ‘Dance to Learn!’™ Curriculum allows for dancers to provide input on their learning and creative process! Most dance classes are set up for the instructor to lead the class without input from students, with our Curriculum students’ are allowed to provide input and create in teams or individually. For example, our cheerleaders may be asked to write their own cheers and then will be given the chance to create choreography to coincide with this cheers! The end of the camps will include a performance for family and friends to witness all that the campers have learned. Learn more about our Cheerleading Summer Camps!

“D-A-N-C-E! Dance Exploration is where you wanna be! Where everybody has the chance, to Dance to Learn and learn to dance!”


Find a camp program that offers services in multiple locations!

Dance Exploration, LLC’s Summer Camps for Kids are located at multiple locations in Colorado including:

Lone Tree
Castle Rock

For more on our Summer Camps or to enroll, visit our website!


A Peek Inside a Creative Dance class!

We just recently rolled out the new look of our website. This also included the new ‘Dance to Learn!’ Curriculum and 5 Methods of dance that we have discovered to ensure that we are teaching the whole child!


What are the 5 Methods of the ‘Dance to Learn!’ Curriculum in a Creative Dance Class?

Method 1: ‘Dance to Learn!’

‘Dance to Learn!’ is also our mission. We were founded on the premise that dance should be taught in a way that benefits the child as a whole, not merely just for recreation. To do this we have a monthly theme for our classes. This keeps our classes exciting and new every time. We’ve also found original music that coincides with the theme. The songs are fun, upbeat and easy for the kids to learn so they can sing along too. The themes are age appropriate and are designed around a child’s development stages. Focusing on Cognitive, Language, Social and Motor Development ensures that our creative dance classes are a great tool to compliment any core curriculum at a Montessori or preschool.

Method 2: ‘Dance to Discover!

Dance Exploration helps children discover the world around them. By applying a monthly theme we can focus on a new area of life that kids will be excited to learn more about. Whether the theme is ‘Back to School,’ ‘Animals,’ ‘Enchanted Creatures,’ etc they will get to make discoveries through imaginative play and movement.


Method 3: ‘Dance to Express!

People dance to express themselves. It makes people happier by reducing stress. We encourage our dancers in our Creative Dance classes to make decisions about their dancing that satisfies themselves. For example, if a student is asked to dance like a monkey and wants to crawl on the floor like a gorilla rather then stand up and swing from pretend branches, they are encouraged and rewarded for creativity and thinking outside the box. Dance Exploration Educators are trained to recognize different types of thinkers and how to reward, inspire and encourage each individual child’s creative process.

Method 4: ‘Dance to Accept!

Preschoolers are at a very important stage in social development. They are learning important skills such as patience, sharing, being kind vs being mean, etc. In our Creative Dance classes students are taught to exhibit these qualities. Like all activities, our dance classes are structured and come with rules and expectations. Students are reminded of these guidelines each week to ensure a smooth class can be had by all involved. Monthly themes include partner and group exercises to teach preschoolers team work at a young age. Whether it be dancing with partners, playing follow the leader, or sharing props, the dancers will be learning important social skills and how to work with their peers.


Method 5: ‘Dance to Move!

Of course dancing is all about moving! In Creative Dance kids will learn all their basic movements! Locomotor skills include: Tippi Toe walking, marching, skipping, leaping, jumping, kicking, twirling and some more difficult movements such as crab walks, grape vines, and combining skills. Dancers will also learn their non-locomotor movements such as twisting, shaking, bending, swaying, stretching etc. The use of props such as scarves, tambourines, maracas, stuffed animals, etc will also teach important find motor skills!

What is a Dance Exploration Creative Dance Class?

Dance Exploration, LLC’s Creative Dance classes have been created around a child’s cognitive, language, social and motor development. Class begins with warm ups which include stretches to popular Nursery Rhymes such as “Hickory Dickory Dock”, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider!” and other fun songs and rhymes. Multi Colored Scarves and props are also used in the warm ups to increase fine motor skills and improve hand-eye co-ordination and of course to make simple steps like twirling more fun! Across the Floor Exercises consist of basic elementary dance movements with the focus on correct execution and technique. Many of these exercises are done alone, but several include partner activities to encourage social development and peer relations. Mat work is included in this class to teach shapes and concepts such as over, under, through, around, in between, inside, outside, and more. Mat work is also great for spatial awareness. Class ends with costumes and free style dancing where the child is allowed to let their creativity and imagination take over. They are challenged to learn musicality as they dance to fast and slow tempos, and their minds are encouraged to work when asked to strike big, little or medium poses or pose like animals or bugs! The Creative Dance Class includes 
The Terpsichore Literacy Program
where once a month children will be reading a children’s book and taken on an adventure with their dance Educator re-enacting the story with movement. Children are nurtured by their instructor through a “Yes” Environment, and the small class size ensures the personal attention needed at this stage of learning. Children at this level are taught the fundamentals of choreography where they are taught dance routines and how to memorize them. Routines are based on the child’s ability and talent and are designed to encourage self-confidence and worth when executed correctly! Parents are able to observe what their child has learned through several free observations and community performances through out the session! Creative Dance classes include participation in the Dance Exploration Family Engagement Program!


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